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Career decision
Making an important career decision?
Have you got an overwhelming number of potential options or do you not know where to start? I can help you to realize an achievable plan for what you want to do.
Dream Job
Would you like to maximize the chances getting your dream job?
I will help you, to brand yourself online and offline, feeling more confident with interviewing and help you to create opportunities for your dream job.
Work-life balance
Finding work-life balance
With the new working from home, it can be challenging to have the right work life balance. Or a promotion may leave you feel overly stretched.

Hello, I am Danielle, a leading life, career and executive coach in Dubai. I built a successful recruitment agency in Dubai and whilst I was earning the much desired six figure salary (GBP), my job was not fulfilling me. In 2015 I successfully exited the business, redefined my purpose and drive in life and started working in line with my values.

I already had over a decade of experience in career coaching and quickly expanded my services with life coaching and executive coaching (it is all connected!) Over the last years I coached more than 300 different clients.

Whether it is helping you becoming an entrepreneur, taking your career to a new level, making a career shift, becoming happier, being more fulfilled or living in line with your goals, values and purpose in life.


I am the only Coach in Dubai, who offers a 100% satisfaction warranty with every session.
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