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Why have a coach?

Would you like to increase your happiness, get clarity, find your dream job, or achieve your goal(s)?

I am a fully accredited and licensed Positive Psychology Practitioner (PPC) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) coach.

My approach is scientifically-rooted to help you increase your well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance and achieve your goals. (Kauffman, Boniwell, and Silberman (2010)

I offer life coaching, career coaching, and executive coaching.
Career decision / Dream Job
Making an important career decision? Have you got an overwhelming number of potential options or do you not know where to start? I can help you to realize an achievable plan for what you want to do.

Would you like to maximize the chances getting your dream job? I will help you, to brand yourself online and offline, feeling more confident with interviewing and help you to create opportunities for your dream job.
Work life balance
Finding work-life balance

With the new working from home, it can be challenging to have the right work life balance. Or a promotion may leave you feel overly stretched.
Progressing your career growth

Do you feel you are ready for a promotion but do not know how to approach?
Achieve your goals
Would you like to identify what you would like to achieve and how? Would you like an accountability partner? Would you like to feel motivated, energized and inspired?
Discover your Passion or Purpose in Life
Would you like to identify and acknowledge your purpose / passion in life? Honoring your purpose or passion is the route to a succesful and happy life. Together we will take the time to understand what you are here to do.
Enhance and apply your strengths
Discover and Develop your natural strengths and perform better in your career and life by using scientifically proven strength finders.
Learn to say no and build healthy boundaries. Your confidence and relationships will automatically improve.
The first step is awareness and getting to know yourself better. We will use Positive Psychology interventions to build you self-confidence.
Happiness and Wellbeing
Would you like to turn your life around within 6 to 12 weeks? from dissatisfied to excited and happy? We will use positive psychology and NLP techniques to increase your happiness and well-being. We reflect, understand and discuss different dimensions of your life and define what to improve.
Danielle Smith

About me

Hello, I am Danielle, a leading life, career and executive coach in Dubai. I built a successful recruitment agency in Dubai and whilst I was earning the much desired six figure salary (GBP), my job was not fulfilling me. In 2015 I successfully exited the business, redefined my purpose and drive in life and started working in line with my values.

I already had over a decade of experience in career coaching and quickly expanded my services with life coaching and executive coaching (it is all connected!) Over the last years I coached more than 300 different clients.

Whether it is helping you becoming an entrepreneur, taking your career to a new level, making a career shift, becoming happier, being more fulfilled or living in line with your goals, values and purpose in life.

100% Satisfaction warranty

Did you know that I am the only Coach in Dubai who offers a 100% satisfaction warranty with every session.

Your coaching


Life coaching

Your personal dreams and ambitions can get lost in today’s world. Coaching can help to carve out time for reflection on what is truly important.

Career coaching

Clarify and communicate any issues at work, enabling positive change in current role or seeking new opportunities aligned with your passions and desires.

Executive coaching

Have you got employees who have got a lot of potential and could use some guidance to unlock this even further?

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These are many reasons why people choose personal coaching.
Book your 50 minute intake now for only AED 375 instead of the normal price of AED 750

I coach you into
You can expect:

Ongoing support

Outside of sessions through WhatsApp, phone or email.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with every session you receive a refund.

Discover a new you

My clients say their coaching time is their opportunity to focus on their real dreams and analyse which areas in their life they want to improve.

Most importantly they agree to act on their goals, and we work together monitoring progress towards lasting change. The techniques that I teach help you to do more of what you love, with less stress and a more mindful look than ever before. 

After every session my clients feel focused, energised, more self aware and ready to go after their dreams. Are you ready to get started? 

2 in 1

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A great way to experience the benefits of coaching.

AED 750 instead of AED 1500


Did you know?

Did you know that I am the only Coach in Dubai,
who offers a 100% satisfaction warranty with every session.