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When investing in a coaching program for one of your leaders, receive a complimentary DiSC behavioural style assessment including personalised coaching plan worth AED 1400 for free.

I offer effective Positive Psychology coaching including Leadership Coaching and Strengths Based Career Enhancement.

Why use Positive Psychology in the Workplace?

Positive psychology is the study of optimal functioning and what it takes to thrive. It is an extremely practical discipline with programs academically tested and shown to increase workforce happiness. In turn happier employees contribute greater innovation, improved retention, increased sales and maximised productivity to their employers, a virtuous cycle.

Our primary coaching programs:

Suited for Senior management who wish to engage, persuade and motivate their team more effectively. And High potential employees, ready for their next promotion or just assigned one.
(Character) Strengths Based Coaching
Typically suited for mid level and high potential employees who wish to discover their inherent strengths and utilise them more effectively in the workplace.
Positive Psychology coaching
Suitable for all employees that feel that they need greater purpose, meaning or excitement in their roles, more powerful goal setting and support, adopting a growth mindset. Very suitable for stress management, burn out prevention and improved resilience and confidence.
DiSC Behavour
DiSC is the leading personality assessment tool, used by over 40 million people. It promotes increased communication skills for individuals, teams, and leaders. Companies use the DiSC personality assessment to help improve workplace productivity, teamwork, and communication. Increases self-awareness and understanding of communication preferences and also learn how to more effectively communicate with others

Each program is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual and their organisation. Programs are one on one and can be facilitated both online and in person.

All programs start with self-awareness, understanding the coachees values, goals and character strengths both through academically rigorous assessments as well as one on one discovery sessions.

Once we understand the values and goals of the individual we build on their inherent strengths using practical tools from within the positive psychology lexicon.
After each session a specific set of work based objectives are agreed with the coachee to deliver before the next session helping put positive psychology theory into real workplaces.

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100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with every session you receive a refund.

Danielle Smith

About me

Hello, I am Danielle, a leading life, career and executive coach in Dubai. I built a successful recruitment agency in Dubai and whilst I was earning the much desired six figure salary (GBP), my job was not fulfilling me. In 2015 I successfully exited the business, redefined my purpose and drive in life and started working in line with my values. I already had over a decade of experience in career coaching and quickly expanded my services with life coaching and executive coaching (it is all connected!) Over the last years I coached more than 300 different clients. Whether it is helping you becoming an entrepreneur, taking your career to a new level, making a career shift, becoming happier, being more fulfilled or living in line with your goals, values and purpose in life.
Did You Know?
Did you know that I am the only Coach in Dubai,
who offers a 100% satisfaction warranty with every session.
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I am the only Coach in Dubai, who offers a 100% satisfaction warranty with every session.
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